About us

Our company in brief

Marcon Solar is one of the leading players in clean energy in Tanzania and East Africa at large. Since the establishment on 2009, we have witnessed steady growth in the market from general solar electrical knowledge to the public, international partnerships and the experience in the local ground blended together with the energetic team to bring results

Current the company is referred for best and reliable quality via its four main trade brands which are Voltmax Solar Battery, Oceanic Solar, Voltlight Solar, and Ritar Battery. We have partnered with the best and renown manufacturers to assure the quality and availability of products to the market throughout.

While our main operations are still in Tanzania, we are looking forward to expanding our services and products to the rest of the Sub Sahara region

Our vision

Our vision is to offer innovative, eco-friendly and cost-effective solar power solutions to the sub-Sahara Region and champion the social-economic transformation of lives in the region.

While looking at the emerging green technologies, We envision a region where solar energy is not perceived as a luxury but a necessity and it is available in good quality at an affordable price for our environment and social well being.

Our mission

To be the most preferred green energy partner in the sub-Sahara Region by constantly make use of our global and local partners network and guarantee our customers the innovative, eco-friendly and cost-effective solar power solutions always.

Want to work with us?

Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiry.

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Cintia Le Corre
Chairman, Harmony Corporation